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Here is the deal…many players asked last year about shirts. Before you vote here are my thoughts.

  • As long as you play hard I am all in for shirts as you know in our quest for uniforms. 
  • These are designed by myself so yes I like the simple yet communicative design. If you do not please be vocal. You are voting mainly on short vs long sleeve. 
  • While we can order whichever. I like the long sleeve for a shooter’s shirt and a winter sport.
  • You could order a short sleeve and a long sleeve.
  • Material would preferably be dry fit, moisture wicking and not cotton
  • Name on back would be up to buyer. I prefer no names on shooter shirts but I am not firm on this. Parents could get Mom/Dad etc of 00 if you wanted.
  • Each player would be responsible for purchasing one shirt to be worn on game days and as a shooter shirt. Price is not yet known!
  • One design only for pre game players.  *PREGAME SHIRTS WOULD have to be all long or short sleeve, not mixed.(IE: everyone wears a long sleeve pre-game)
  • Game day apparel has to be uniform among teams do not have to be all long sleeve or all short sleeve. (If you ordered a short and long sleeve, you could wear  short sleeve  even if others are wearing long sleeve) it is only pre-game everyone has to be same.

Now you know my thoughts begin voting and commenting. AFTER YOU VOTE COPY AND PASTE THIS LINK ON YOUR FACEBOOK OR WHEREVER YOU CAN GET PEOPLE TO SEE  IT–THANKS! ( and if you would like to see more designs visit our Facebook page


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