Hello Chaffee community, (this site is not updated by Chaffee School, rather the Women’s Basketball Coach)

I have created this site as a way to relay information about the Chaffee girls basketball program. Whether it be summer events that you can participate in, season updates, or just my own need to talk you can find it here. So if there is something you are missing, something I am forgetting then don’t hesitate to let me know. I will see what I can do to accommodate you.

Also, I need your help in spreading the word. As father of four children, two being girls, I know what it is like to want success, to see your daughter succeed. Far too often girls sports follow boys. As a father of girls, I think girls sports are equally important to bring maturity, teamwork, ethics and communication. Spreading the word, getting involved, and community support, I think we can make Chaffee girls basketball a great experience. My family puts academics first, but being a part of a team, learning to work together is a vital part of life too.

You can begin by following this page to make sure you have all the latest information. I have also created twitter page that you can find at the top of this page or on twitter @chaffeehoops

If you like Facebook, you can follow posts there was well. They are all the same.

Remember it is community support that makes it happen.

Coach Pruitt
(to contact me initially please call Chaffee High School) or email me

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