Monday, July 23, 2012

I would like to personally thank all the support that the community, parents, players and friends have shown our Chaffee High School girls basketball team over the last several months during our fundraiser efforts. When I was hired in 2011, I asked about new uniforms and a schedule was made spring of 2012 . Girl’s basketball drew fall of 2013. At that time, I set a goal for myself, and the GBB team to raise $4,000.00 for new uniforms.  Our current uniforms are four years old, I was told. I felt they were not fully functional for the team and a change was needed. 

 As a father of 4 children I understand the need to belong to something. During my former position as Director of a non-profit that aided children’s involvement in sports I learned the positive roles that sports play in a child’s life. I wanted the players at Chaffee to belong to a group that meant something to them. Last year I had more players come out to participate than the school had in several years and I want to continue that. Last season we juggled uniforms and some players had 4 numbers. So my goal was to alleviate the following…

  • Allow the players to have a single number whether home or away, JV or Varsity. This would give them a sense of belonging, as they could be the same number for 4 years of participation. It would also help in bookkeeping issues created by having so many numbers.
  • A player who had the desire to move from JV to Varsity would not be inhibited by a jersey shortage or have to carry several numbers.
  • Fans could wear apparel that shows support. With multiple numbers fans would forgo wearing a shirt that said something like “proud mom of 51, 54, 32, 23 for one player. My hope is that more community members come to our games and support our girls.
  • The uniforms we have chosen are more breathable with sublimated lettering and design that keep the athlete cooler.

 These are just a few of the reasons why I set out to get the GBB new uniforms.  Having a daughter on the team I too have an investment in this team and its success. I am very proud to say that as a team of players, parents, fans and community we have raised to date $3,405.07. At no time did I want to defer the athlete’s progress to get uniforms. There have been at least 15 players who have participated in 3 camps over the summer playing 19 games at Southern IL University, Delta team camp and Dexter’s Rib City Shootout to better themselves. The families of the athletes raised these funds at a cost of $950.00. While we have not met our current goal set for outfitting 22 players by November 2012 I am sure we will reach that goal. I have submitted a letter to our boosters asking for their support and I hope to visit with them soon. 

If you would like to help us reach our goal you can contact me via email at

 I thank you for your support of the Chaffee Girls Basketball team


Darrin Pruitt




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