Here are some participation fundamentals to be a team player: 

· Be the hardest worker in practice… every day.
· Be a spark of enthusiasm… every day.
· Showcase your mental toughness… every day.
· Compliment a teammate… every day.
· Challenge your teammates to get better… every day.
· Support your teammates and coaches in any way possible… every day.
· Build a bond with your teammates and coaches… every day.
· Represent yourself and your team with class… every day.

  1.     Athlete Forms: All athletic participation forms such as physical, athlete participation forms etc shall be turned in.  As well, each player shall be familiar with the student athlete handbook.
  2.       Game/ Practice Participation: eligibility shall be met as required by MSHSAA and the Chaffee High School Athletics guidelines. (14 days)
  3.        A positive attitude is a must:  When you pass someone in your day, say hello.  When you walk into a class say hi to your teacher.  Don’t create friction! Encourage those around you. BE POSITIVE!!!
  4.        Communication: (Communication eliminates confusion).  Talk to your parents, teachers, and coaches.  You can be an educator of younger players by helping them to feel comfortable and learn.  You can communicate with teachers as soon as you need help rather than waiting until you must have help. And by all means communicate with your coach on missed practices, games ,illness, injuries, etc.  You have to learn to talk to adults someday. High School is a great time to learn.
  5.        Being on time: (“Being on time is a bad habit”*) Practice begins and ends as close to the time specified.  If practice is 3:15 to 5:15 you are expected to be ready to practice at 3:15, not getting dressed out going to the restroom etc. Please be early and be ready.
  6.        Proper Practice Gear: You will be issued almost all the items necessary for you to perform your role as a player.  Please wear them to practice.  Here are some items.  (1) Reversible – issued  (2) Black Shorts responsible for  (3) Knee Pads – issued 2011-2012 but welcome to buy your own.   (4) Shoes –We will choose black team shoes for each game season but families are responsible for purchasing. If you have an old pair of black shoes and cannot afford or do not want to purchase new shoes I understand, I have a family too and understand the cost. Just please make sure they are black shoes that still support the stress they will be put under.  We do not want someone getting hurt.  (5) Socks – If I can see them…Black to match the shoes.
  7.        Proper Game Gear –  You will be issued a game jersey and warm-up.  You are expected to bring both uniforms incase a change is needed.  You are expected to wear your knee pads, shoes and proper socks.
  8. Game Day Attire: If the team decides to wear warm ups on game day and the school allows this, EVERYONE must wear their warm-ups.
  9.        Transportation: Each Player shall ride to and from any contest the transpiration provided by the school. The only exception is if a parent is at the contest and requests to the coach in person they will be taking their child home. Under NO circumstances shall a player be allowed to ride with another student etc.
  10. Fundraisers: Players will be required to attend and participate in fundraiser activity to raise funds for the ladies basketball program. If players would like to do some fun camps over the summer fundraisers will need to be held for that as well.

Here are some participation fundamentals to get the most playtime you can


  1. Be on time for games and practices. Ready to work hard and learn.
  2. Learn and know the plays.
  3. Defensive hustle – don’t be the last one down the floor.
  4. Play until the end of practice or the last buzzer of the game.
  5. Put in the time.  Shooting, ball handling, etc.

My thoughts about playing.

Basketball is a game of  points and not all players can shoot well.  To move the ball up the floor someone has to dribble it but not all players can dribble well.  Some players are born athletes, some see the floor well, while others cannot. You may not be able to do everything, but each player can play a role.  Setting screens, executing plays and defensive hustle are some roles everyone can do.  Those that want to succeed listen to the advice given to them and use it in places where it does the most good. A team players is not only on the floor with others but they help their teammates, not ridicule them. A winning team is one that walks off the floor knowing they gave it their all. A team that try’s harder with each practice and each contest to improve themselves.  You can be a team player. 

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