Here are some of my goals at your new Women’s Coach: (I reserve the right to add or delete goals as I encounter the program)

  • My goals are quite simple…to build a program that the players and community want to be involved in. A program that brings in players to learn and grow with the school and to develop those players who wish to succeed at the game.
  • I will aways put the education of a player before a game or practice. And I will always back a family who choses a higher standard than MSHSAA or CHS.
  • I will strive to engage all players during practice and game. While I will not guarantee playtime as being “equal”, I will use each players talent in situations that match them. I will also dismiss those with less than positive attitudes, those that will not try or those that cannot be a team player.
  • My goal is to have players that are able to sub in and out for other teammates frequently and keep ahead of the game. My hope is to play many players.
  • I will be a coach that pushes expectations, expects hard work as a team and an individual.
  • I expect players to encourage others with a positive attitude.
  • To build a program, I will work hard to push women’s basketball, in the spring, summer and fall. If you want to compete you have to play outside of season. I will seek summer opportunities that players can participate in with the only expectations being having fun and playing ball. My summer goal is two camps where one trip my wife and I take the players away to somewhere like Branson, play 2 days of basketball and go shopping, to a park or whatever they choose. (Fundraiser has to be done).
  • Players:
    · Be the hardest worker in practice… every day.
    · Be a spark of enthusiasm… every day.
    · Showcase your mental toughness… every day.
    · Compliment a teammate… every day.
    · Challenge your teammates to get better… every day.
    · Support your teammates and coaches in any way possible… every day.
    · Build a bond with your teammates and coaches… every day.
    · Represent yourself and your team with class… every day.

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