If you would like to download a PDF version (for printing) please download here: Twitter Notifications Steps.

Otherwise follow these quick and easy steps to receive notifications from us about games, practices, etc. (to enlarge a photo click on it) (Arrow are numbered and correspond to the red (x) numbers in each step.

* Note: you will only receive texts when posted by Chaffee Athletics and not replies from other people who post to our page.

Step 1: Go to your computer and open a web browser. (1) Go to Twitter at or click the link. (2) You will need to sign up for a new account OR (2) sign in to your existing account.

Step 2: Once you are signed in go to the top of the page and click the drop down (1) then click on Settings (2)

Step 3:  Now in settings, Click Mobile on the left (1). If you already are signed up for mobile notifications you should see your phone number appear here (2). If you are signed up for mobile notifications please jump to step 7 otherwise please continue to step 4.


Step 4: If you have not signed up previously for mobile notifications you will see a screen like below.  Please add you mobile number (1) and then click Activate phone (2).

Step 5: Once you click activate you will see this window. Go to your mobile phone and (1) send a text to 40404 and in the body of the message type GO as in the photo below. You can see Twitter is waiting for your text (2).  Once you have successfully sent a text you will receive a confirmation text and this message (2) will change to the photo in step 6.

Step 6: (1) Shows your mobile phone has now been activated. (2) Your number should appear here now that you have activated mobile notifications. You still need to tell Twitter which notifications you want….continue to step 7.

Step 7: If you just activated your phone you will see this (1). Now, you need to search for our twitter feed chaffeehoops.  At the top of the screen you will see the search field (2).  In this field type chaffeehoops (all one word) and press enter on your keyboard or the magnifying glass in the search field. 

Step 8: If you have done the search correctly you will see a page similar to  this showing results for chaffeehoops (1).  Now, find one of our posts and click on the bolded title (2) Chaffee Athletics.  This will bring up a box that looks similar to step 9. You’re almost done, two more steps!

Step 9: Once you have completed step 8 correctly you will see the page below with a button titled Follow (red “Click to Follow” arrow).  Press that button with the blue bird and you are now following Chaffee Athletics on Twitter.  If you are already following our twitter feed you will see a button like the green arrow in step 10. If you see this go to step 10 and follow arrows 2 and 3 to get text notifications. One more step to get text messages.

Step 10: You have finally Arrived at the last step! The green arrow (1) shows you are now following chaffeehoops (Chaffee Athletics).  Now to get the mobile notifications Click the drop down arrow next to (2) and at the bottom of the drop down Click Turn on Mobile Notifications  next to the red arrow (3). That’s it you’re all done. If you did this correctly, Turn on mobile notifications will change to Turn off mobile notifications (arrow 3) and when we post to Twitter you will get a text message. You will be up to date with all our practices, games, etc for both Jr High, JV and Varsity Lady Devils Basketball.

By the way…you can stop receiving texts from us at any time by going back to this page and turning off mobile notifications.  To get back to the photo you see in step 10 and turn off notifications …make sure you are signed into Twitter on a computer and click on Chaffee Athletics (as in step 8). The box will appear as below, click the drop down and “turn off mobile notifications”

Thank you for following Chaffee Lady Red Devils Basketball.

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