If you are here…then you must have some questions about your daughter playing youth basketball.  I will due my best to hit some of the most asked questions but please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to help or have a daughter interested in playing.

Why would I want to get involved?

Something that teams need are players who get along, support one another and belong to something. I have done the research, I am a father of 2 girls and 2 boys. Girls who are involved in something are more likely to become a successful and independent part of society.  They are more likely to someday give back to their community.  Just hanging out with the team on the road and at home lets your child belong to something. It also gives the current players a more positive attitude as everyone wants to be a role model and remembered as that player who impacted a younger persons life in some way.  So take some time to support your girls basketball team by getting involved.  Either way, giving back is fun when your supporting something great. And Chaffee girls basketball is turing out to be a great opportunity.   

What opportunities are available?

  • Cape Parks and Recreation Dept host their bi annual basketball league each year.  The winter league does cost a little more because you are provided with a T-shirt that is worn during your games as a jersey. This league provides your athlete with an opportunity to keep a ball in their hands and advance their skills.
  • Mid America Youth Basketball – MAYB (pronounced: maybe) basketball hosts year round events throughout the US in schools and recreation facilities for grades 3-12.
  • AAU –  Amateur Athletic Union is much like MAYB in that it holds events across the US.  However, most think of this as a more premeir and upper level events for athletes.
  • Day travel events playing local schools –  this is something my kids did when they were young. We used to play in the Cape Rec league and in what they called the Delta League. It was a league were coaches contacted each other and set up single day events where we would travel to their place or them to ours.  It was a great time for the parents and the players.

Are you interested in coaching:    It takes a unique person to coach.  But the rewards are well worth it. As much as I love coaching varsity high school basketball, I remember the days of watching my daughter and others make that first basket or win that first game.  We shared in the victories and the defeats.  Those are memories that I cherish every day.  But to coach you have to be dedicated and know your direction.  To go where I want… I need coaches who know the basics about the game and can teach it.  Teaching is not the same as doing.  You have to gain the trust of the parents and the players.  I would like to see coaches that can teach the fundamentals of basketball.  While I hope they win, I want the girls to know how to dribble with both hands, block out when a ball is shot and have correct shooting techniques.  I have learned much even as an adult  from many great high school and college coaches and even NBA players.  But to build a successful program it all begins with willing parents and players like you.  If you are interested but worried about coaching…DONT….I will support you as much as I can.  I think of it as you are helping me build a program at CHS so I am going to support my feeder team coaches.  I will give you my number and can stop by when you need my help.

BUT…it all starts with you making that contact with me. I encourage you to help me in my goal to make a great CHS girls basketball program grow even more.

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